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Which are the types of urinary incontinence

Which are the types of urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence can occur when bladder muscles are too weak or assets. All this will cause problems with the loss of bladder control and consecutively urine leakage. In our society long recognized urinary incontinence in older people, but other types of incontinence that we want to explain.

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence arises because the pelvic sphincter muscles weaken, so the sphincter is unable to hold urine when pressure is exerted on the abdomen. It usually appears after childbirth, injury to the urethral area, some drugs or pelvic surgery. It shows when you cough, laugh, lift something heavy, have sex or exercise. It can be treated with a change in eating habits water and rehabilitation of the affected muscles.

Urge incontinence

In urge incontinence is leaking urine because the bladder muscles contract in an ambiguous time. These contractions occur regardless of the amount of urine that is in the bladder causing a strong, sudden need to urinate. The bladder may be contracting too often due to problems in the nervous system or bladder irritation bladder stones, infection, brain injuries, treatment of urge incontinence can be understood by diet, drugs, surgery, and rehabilitation exercises kegel bladder.

The overflow incontinence

In this case of urinary incontinence occurs because the bladder is relaxed by clogging and inability to drain. When the bladder is distended by a blockage, it prevents the passage of urine and unable to empty, when the bladder can not relax plus overflow occurs and therefore the loss of urine. On the other hand it may be that there is a neurological or pelvic nerve that causes the detrusor (muscle to stay relaxed so the bladder can expand) has no force damage.

Mixed incontinence

In mixed incontinence, urine leakage occurs by an overactive detrusor and sphincter disorder mechanisms. In this case, the bladder neck incompetence allows entry of urine into the proximal urethra and detrusor resulting understood that urination has begun and release the reflex resulting contraction. It is the mixture of urinary incontinence, by effort and imperious. Bladder treated with rehabilitation.

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